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'- And now Marcus, again, leaves Athens for Rome,
Gracchus shall once more die a bloody death, Petronius shall ever smile,
and a little owl and a faun shall watch over the golden boy from the sea....
and all shall be retold - time without end,
as the Sybil weaves her endless, magical spell....'
adapted from Vigil - 'Eclogue' 

A 'continuing' adult novel, featuring the amazing adventures of a Roman teenage boy.
The story features pirates, gladiators, the wealthiest man in the Roman Empire, freedmen and slaves, Roman Emperors, the Gods and their helpers - oracles, fauns and 'the Mysteries' - all spread on the vast canvass of the Roman Empire, from the Acropolis, Athens to the brothels and Palaces of Rome - the Thermae and Amphitheatres, the temples of Alexandria and Egypt, the woodland glades of Tibur, the slopes of Vesuvius and the glories of Mount Parnassus - and, of course, an owl...
'Glaux' Pretending to be a Roman Eagle
to start your journey go to 
'From Athens to Baiae'
and then continue....
Divine Athena, come and bring the earth
The calm spell of your mystery
Your coming shadow is so sweet
So sweet is the sound of your voice singing hope
So great is your power to change everything into a joyful dream

Divine Athena, stay upon the earth a little longer
The calm spell of your mystery
The shadow of your night is so sweet
Is there a beauty as beautiful as a dream ?
Or is there a truth sweeter than hope ? 

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