Chapter VII - Sol et Spiritus Libertatis

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'I long for the sun,
And for freedom's breath
To escape from these chains
From this living death'

Now you may think that from the title of this chapter that Markos is going to try to escape - but you'd be wrong.
Markos is not that stupid.
He knows that the life outside the villa is hard, and very dangerous.
It is important to note that the Roman Empire was not a well organized welfare state - far from it....
Many people were living well below the poverty line, and half starved people can be very dangerous - particularly as, in most areas of the empire, including most of Italia, there was no organized police force.
For an inexperienced teenager, like Markos, living on the street could well be fatal.
Villa Auream
And one should remember that life at the Villa Auream, even for slaves, was very comfortable and secure.
There were armed guards at all the entrances, and everyone was checked leaving or entering.
Food, for the slaves, was plentiful, and their living conditions far more pleasant than those of most plebeians (ordinary, free working people).
For a highly favoured slave. like Markos, his situation was on a par with the son of a wealthy aristocrat - except of course that he was not free.
But then teenage sons of Roman citizens were completely under the control of their father, just as Markos was under the compete control of Gracchus.
But Markos wanted just a little more freedom - but that could be difficult.

As dawn broke, Cleon got up and left his still sleeping companion, and went back to his own room in another wing of the villa.
Interestingly, he said nothing to his companions, although they noticed that he was missing from his room that night (Cleon, like most of the slaves at the Villa Auream did not have his own cubiculum, but slept in a dormitory with other slaves) - however, they just assumed that he had been required to 'entertain' one of Gracchus' guests who was staying at the villa.
When he awoke a little later, Markos was sad to find his bed empty, - he was hoping that maybe he and Cleo could 'make love' in the morning, before they separated to start their day's work.
As usual, Markos had his breakfast with some of the other 'senior' slaves, and then went to assist young Glycon at the main entrance.
By this time Markos knew all the regular clients, and his main task was to chat with them until they were called to meet with Gracchus.
Once again Terentius stopped by.
"So, Markos, did you enjoy your day off ?", Terentius asked knowingly.
"Very much, Domine,thank you.", Markos replied, as always very respectfully.
Cleon - 'One True Love'
"And I hope that you enjoyed the little extra gift that we provided for you."
Terentius was  obviously referring to young Cleon.
"Yes, Domine - I'm very grateful."
"Well for the moment you may keep your little friend.
He can come to you each time you have a free day, if you wish - but take my advice, and do not become too attached to him.", Terentius warned.
It was obvious that Terentius was serious, and Markos took note of the warning.
Markos knew that it was good advice, but he was only a boy, and was quite incapable of acting on such advice.
Cleon was his 'one true love', even after just one night - regardless of what anyone else would say.
As usual, after helping Glykon in the entrance hall, it was back to his studies, however, for Markos.


'A New Author' - Today it was Latin, with his 'boring' tutor Lucius.
After some testing about the work and significance of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Lucius went on to a new topic.
Markos breathed a sigh of relief.
At least Lucius had seemed satisfied with the answers that he had given and, in addition, they were leaving dry old Cicero behind, at least for the moment.
Today it was to be Horace.
Quintus Horatius Flaccus
Quintus Horatius Flaccus (December 8, 65 BC – November 27, 8 BC), also known as Horace, was the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus (also known as Octavian). The rhetorician Quintillian regarded his 'Odes' as just about the only Latin lyrics worth reading: "He can be lofty sometimes, yet he is also full of charm and grace, versatile in his figures, and felicitously daring in his choice of words." Horace also crafted elegant hexameter verses, and caustic iambic poetry ('Epode's). The hexameters are amusing yet serious works, friendly in tone, leading the ancient satirist Persius to comment: "as his friend laughs, Horace slyly puts his finger on his every fault; once let in, he plays about the heartstrings". His career coincided with Rome's momentous change from Republic to Empire. (Aparently Gracchus' scribus Quintus had been named after Horace.
Now Markos quite liked Quintus Horatius Flaccus - he was certainly a  lot more interesting to a boy of Markos' age than Cicero.
'Back to the Pool' - So once the lesson was ended, Markos was sent off with an essay to write about the Odes of Horace.
Then it was a light meal, and off to the pool for more swimming lessons with Servius.
Markos was unsure whether he should tell Servius about Cleon.
He also wondered if Servius knew anyway, as Servius and Terentius seemed to be quite close.
After about ten minutes of the coaching session, Servius and Markos were sitting on the side of the pool.
"So I hear you've found a friend ?", Servius questioned, gently.
Markos was relieved that Servius had brought up the subject - and it seemed obvious that he had been told by Terentius.
"Yes.",Markos replied, trying to be casual.
"He's a Greek boy called Cleon."
"That's good ! .... and if you don't mind me asking ... did you fuck him ?"
"Well .... as you ask, yes.", Markos replied, rather taken aback by Servius blunt question.
"And was it good ?", Servius continued.
"Well... what do you think ?", Markos replied, grinning.
"So now you feel a bit better right !", Servius said.
"Yes ..... but...." Markos began, but then his comment tailed off.
"But what ?
You've got a cute young boy to fuck, and jerk you off - and someone to talk to.
So what's the problem ?", Servius replied, sounding a bit exasperated.
"It's like this - and don't laugh. Whenever I think of Cleon I get 'horny', and as I only wear a short tunic and loincloth - it shows." Markos explained, blushing heavily.
"Yes - and your doing it now, just mentioning him.", Servius said, looking down at Markos' wet, naked crotch.
"Well, better that, than no feeling down there at all. And it's quite natural.", Servius said, breezily.
"Yes .... but what am I to do ?", Markos pleaded.
"You can always go and see Agathon, that Greek physician. See what he can recommend." Servius replied.
"Yes - perhaps I will speak to Terentius tomorrow.
But there's something else." Markos continued.
Servius looked at the boy, quizzically.
"Since I came here, I have never been outside the villa.
I just long for the sun.
The Sea at Baiae
The Sea at Baiae
I have been told that I am in Baiae, but all I have ever seen of it was some streets, when I arrive here with Terentius one morning.
I was wondering if, now that I am starting to swim a bit, if we could go to the beach.
I know the sea is near, because I can hear the waves at night, in my room.", Markos pleaded.
"Well I don't see why not, but the problem, of course, is that Terentius would be concerned that you might try to run away. and then there would be real trouble from Gracchus for both me and Terentius, - and of course, if they caught you - you would end up being impaled." Servius warned.
"Yes - but why would I run away. I have no friends or family to go to outside the villa.
I would have nowhere to live, and no money, and as soon as anyone saw this collar I would be brought back here, and end up like the young lad I saw on my first day here, naked and dying with a stake up his backside !"
"True !" Servius mused, reflectively.
"I will speak to Terentius and see what I can do.
As for seeing Agathon - that should not be a problem as I'm your coach - and if he want's to know why you're seeing him, I'll say it's a bit 'private' .
As for going swimming on the beach, I'll do my best, but I can't promise anything."


'Markos in a Cage' - Markos felt a little better after his talk with Servius, and went back to his room to set to work on Horace.
The following morning Markos was surprised when Cleon came to his room.
"No time for any 'fun'.", Cleon said, despondently, "That'll have to wait until your next day off.
I'm just here to take you to Agathon ."
Agathon was prepared and waiting for Markos.
"I have been told that you have - let's say - a delicate problem to discuss with me." Agathon began.
"Yes,Domine.", Markos paused for a moment, deciding how he should explain the matter.
"Since I had sex with one of the slave-boys here, I have been having unwanted and embarrassing erections."
Agathon showing no surprise, went over to cabinet and took out something wrapped in grey cloth.
"That would be young Cleon." he suggested.
Markos nodded.
It seemed that he had no secrets from anyone.
"Yes - he's a nice boy..... I'm not surprised that you have taken to him.
Well I have something here that I know will help." he went on, unwrapping the grey cloth.
The Cage
The cloth contained an item made of bright, silvery metal, in the form of a cage, shaped like a flaccid penis.
Along side the cage was a large ring, with prongs attached.
"This is something that I use on those slave-boys who 'perform' sexually for the master and his guests."
He continued ... "It is in the form of a cage, shaped like a male member, but not an erect one.
Agathon held up the bright, smooth ring.
"The ring is placed behind the scrotum - containing the testicles - with the testicles holding it in place."
With his other hand Agathon held up the glittering cage.
"The cage is then slotted into the prongs on the ring, and secured with a small piece of wire, which is fastened with a lead seal."
As Agathon spoke, he slotted the cage and the ring together  - in order to demonstrate.
"In that way I can see if the cage has been tampered with, or removed.
Because of the way it is made the boy can urinate quite easily while wearing it, but because the cage is quite small, it is impossible for the boy wearing it to have an erection, masturbate, or have penetrative or oral sex.
This effectively blocks any emission of seed, so that when it is finally removed, and the boy has sex, his erection is very strong, and his emission is very full.
Do you understand  ?".
Markos looked at the finely made, glittering object in amazement.
"Yes, Domine.", Markos muttered.
Agathon  separated the two parts as he continued his explanation.
"You will find that, although it takes some getting used to, it is quite comfortable, and in no way interferes with you normal activities. - So ... take off your loincloth, and I will ft it for you."
The ring, which had to pass over Markos' penis and his scrotum was too tight, and Agathon had to find a slightly larger ring - but as he explained, it still needed to be tight to hold the cage securely.
Once the ring was in place, Agathon slotted on the cage, which was also a tight fit round Markos' penis, as he was a well endowed boy.
Agathon then secured the cage with a small, thin piece of wire, and used a special kind of 'pliers' to clamp a tiny lead seal onto the wire.
"There you are, my boy ! - And I will remove that the day after tomorrow, in the early evening, ready for your visit from Cleon."
Markos the replaced his loincloth, and feeling somewhat strange, and thanking the physician, left Agathon's consulting room.

'More Studying' - After visiting Agathon, it was time to visit Aristarchos for a lesson.
It looked, to Markos, like he would be studying the 'Iliad' for rather a long time, as Aristarchos had decided to analyse the work in terms of themes.
Suitably for Markos, perhaps, the first theme that Aristarchos had chosen was 'Fate'.
Fate (κήρ, kēr, "fated death"), Aristarchos maintained, propels most of the events of the 'Iliad'.
Once set, gods and men abide it, neither truly able nor willing to contest it.
How fate is set is unknown, but it is told by the Fates and by Zeus through sending omens to seers such as Calchas.
Scene from the Iliad
In Greek mythology, Calchas (Κάλχας, possibly meaning "bronze-man"), son of Thestor, was an Argive seer, with a gift for interpreting the flight of birds that he received of Apollo: "as an augur, Calchas had no rival in the camp".He also interpreted the entrails of the enemy during the tide of battle. In the Iliad, Calchas tells the Greeks that the captive Chryseis must be returned to her father Chryses in order to get Apollo to stop the plague he has sent as a punishment: this triggered the quarrel of Achilles and Agamemnon, the main theme of the Iliad.
Men and their gods continually speak of heroic acceptance and cowardly avoidance of one's slated fate.
Fate does not determine every action, incident, and occurrence, but it does determine the outcome of life.
Linking the 'Iliad' with Virgil, and Lucius' teaching, Aristarchos shows Markos that Fate allows Aeneas escapes the wrath of Achilles and survives the Trojan War.
Whether or not the gods can alter fate, they do abide by it, despite its countering their human allegiances; thus, the mysterious origin of fate is a power beyond even the gods, and despite the earthly powers of the Olympian gods, only the Three Fates set the destiny of Man - as Fate had, seemingly set Markos' destiny.
So Markos was set to write an essay about 'Fate' in the 'Iliad' for his next lesson with Aristarchos.


'Back at the Pool' - Then, after something to eat, it was off to see Servius at the pool.
On arriving at the pool, Markos stripped off, and Servius looked admiringly at the gleaming metal cage that now encased the young lad's penis.
"It almost looks like a piece of jewelry !", Servius exclaimed, grinning.
"Is it uncomfortable ?", he asked.
"Well at first if feels a bit heavy, but after a while you don't notice it.", Markos replied.
"And does it work ?", Servius inquired, pointedly.
"Well of course !", Markos exclaimed.
"You can't get 'hard' - and you definitely can't jerk-off or fuck.
So tomorrow, before I see Cleon, Agathon will have to take it off - for obvious reasons."
Markos paused.
"But what about the beach ?
Did you speak to Terentius ?", Markos asked urgently.
"Yes I did - and he says it will be fine for tomorrow - that's your day off - as long as you undertake not to do anything 'stupid' - by that I think he means try to run off."
"Well of course I won't do anything 'stupid'.
As I said, I have nowhere else to go except here, and it's here that my friends are, like you and Cleon."
Servius smiled, and ruffled Markos' hair.
"Of course - I know - and I think Terentius knows that as well."
The swimming lesson went well - as Markos was becoming quite adept in the water, and so Servius was quite willing to test the boy out in the sea the following day.
At the end of the day, Markos, tired but more content than he had been for many days, returned to his room to work on his essay for Aristarchos.


'The Following Day' - Markos was awoken by some discomfort in his groin, and realized that he had woken, as was usual, with a strong erection - except that his penis could not become erect because of the restraining cage.
Normally he would masturbate first thing in the morning, but now that was not an option.
However, the discomfort was such that the beginnings of his erection soon subsided, and he had to be content with 'going without' until later, when he would be able to have sex with young Cleon to his heart's content.
Markos then went off to have his morning meal, and then reported to Glykon at the main entrance.


'In the Sea' - After a couple of hours on duty, Markos then went to the pool, where Servius was waiting for him.
Servius then led Markos through some doors that led to a changing room.
(Markos had never used the changing room because he usually just stripped off his loincloth when he entered the gymnasion.)
From the changing room another door led out to a colonnaded peristyle.
In Hellenistic Greek and Roman architecture a peristyle (Greek περίστυλος) is a columned porch or open colonnade in a building surrounding a court which contains a garden. Tetrastoon (from Greek τετράστῳον, "four arcades") is another name for this feature.
Leading from the  peristyle were more gardens, this time stepped, and filled with rare shrubs and mythological statuary, that led down to the vast private beach of the Villa Auream.
Markos looked at the scene, wide-eyed.
He had never imagined for a moment that such a wonderful vista lay so close, and yet, unknown to him.
The day was fine and sunny.
There was a gentle, warm breeze, and small waves rippled up onto the golden-yellow sand.
The beach itself was deserted, although there were some of Gracchus' guards on duty at various vantage points.
Servius at the Beach
"This is amazing !", Markos exclaimed to a smiling Servius.
"Yes, I thought that you would like it." Servius said, patting the naked young boy on the back.
"Go on ! .... Jump in ! .... the beach is shallow, so it's quite safe !", Servius said, encouragingly, and
Markos needed no more encouragement, but ran down the beach, and splashed into the warm waters of the Sinus Cumanus (Gulf of Naples).
He was quickly followed by Servius, who had pulled off his own loincloth, (presumably as the beach was private), and was intending to swim naked.
Servius then insisted that instead of just splashing around, Markos should show off his new swimming skills.
Encouraged by such a fine environment, Markos was swimming very well, and Servius watched his young protégé admiringly.
Later, after a long swimming session Markos and Servius came out of the sea, and flopped down on the sand for a session of naked sunbathing.
The Romans knew about sunbathing, and had a word for it, at least as practised by men: 'apricatio'. Seneca states that sunbathing ('apricatio') was popular; and provision was made in some Roman baths specifically for this purpose. Seneca and Martial also state that professional ‘depilators’ made themselves available at the baths. Many wealthy Roman men felt the need of cosmetic  depilation, or a healthy sun-tan, partly because they were putting their naked bodies on public show at the baths, and at the exclusive beach resorts in the south of Italia (such as Baiae);  - public bathing having become a part of the upper class Roman way of life.  Many conservative Romans considered that male depilation was effeminate, unmanly and un- Roman.
They lay on the beach, side by side - Markos lying on his back, and Servius lying prone.
They were lying close to a parapet, which overlooked them, so they were out of sight of any of Gracchus' guards, and in a completely private situation.
Then Markos, whose eyes were shut,  felt Servius' hand move gently across his chest, and onto his shoulder.
Without a doubt, Servius was embracing him.
 Servius then raise his body, and moved over slightly, facing Markos, and kissed him tenderly on the lips.
"I can't help it !", Servius whispered, "You're so beautiful - and boyish."
In fact, Markos had been expecting this for some time, and was not surprised, or shocked.
Servius was handsome, with a fine, slim, yet muscular physique, and a sweet personality, and Markos could not hope for anyone better to 'fall for him' - but, of course, it could be dangerous.
However, both Terentius and Gracchus realized that, although Markos was technically 'out of bounds', leaving a young man like Servius with an attractive boy like Markos - especially when the boy was naked most of the time, could only end one way - if Servius was a real man, - and as long as Servius kept his 'activities' with the boy discreet, then no one would be really concerned.

"Will you let me fuck you, Markos ?", Servius pleaded.
"I really need to."
"Well, yes," Markos relied, hesitantly, "but be gentle - go carefully.", he continued.
Servius rose to his knees.
His thick, straight penis was already fully erect, and was framed by a dark, neatly trimmed pubic 'bush'.
His scrotum was smooth, and well filled, with heavy testicles.
"If you will lie face down, I think it will be more comfortable, as you're wearing that cage.", Servius said, spitting on his hand, pulling back his foreskin, and lubricating his large, bulbous glans.
He then positioned himself, kneeling behind Markos, and pushed his rampant 'tool' between Markos' neat, pert buttocks.
Servius and Markos
Markos grunted, a softlys he felt Servius' large, stiff penis enter him, and Servius groaned with obvious pleasure as he felt Markos' tight anal muscles grip his swollen 'tool'.
"Markos ! Your so tight and hot !", Servius grunted, as he started thrusting into the prone young lad.
For Markos it was somewhat uncomfortable.
Servius was very well endowed, and so Markos found it difficult to take his huge thrusting 'member' and, in addition, he was responding sexually to Servius' attentions, and his own penis was trying to become erect, but was being uncomfortably restrained by the 'cage' he was wearing.
However, although he wasn't able to achieve an orgasm, he did find the experience stimulating and exciting.
Just knowing that Servius wanted him, sexually, was very satisfying for Markos.
Servius, of course, had no trouble reaching his 'climax', and was soon moaning as he squirted his hot seed into young Markos.
Servius, after ejaculating forcefully, then slowly pulled his shrinking penis from the young lad, and they both rolled over, onto their backs, and lay panting in the sun.
So .... Markos, wondered, as he lay in the sun, on the beach, was this the 'Fate' that Aristarchos had been talking about during that morning's lesson ?
"We must be careful, Markos." Servius said, turning and looking at Markos, seriously.
"I know - but it makes you happy - and I like that .", Markos sweetly replied.
"We could do this again tomorrow, if you can get Agathon to take off the cage a little earlier, and then, when I fuck you, you could get 'hard', and 'cum' - 'cause I want to see you really 'hard', and spurting.
Of course,  - you understand, - I can't let you fuck me - you're still a slave, and a boy, - but there's nothing to stop you 'jerking off' while I'm fucking you, and you 'cumming' as well."
"That's what I want to do !" Markos said eagerly.

'and the story continues -
Markos has an exciting day with Servius - and with Cleon,
and also has his second interview with Gracchus.

Please note that this chapter contains sexually explicit and violent images and text. If you strongly object to any of these images please contact the blog author at and the offending material can be removed. Equally please do not view this chapter if such material may offend.

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