Chapter XXXVI - In Domus Gracchii Romæ

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It was very early - and the sun had only just risen, but Nicander had already been awake for hours, desperately supervising his slaves as they prepared for the arrival of the new Dominus, Marcus Octavianus Gracchus, and his suite.
Matters were not helped by the fact that, at the time of the funeral of Gnaeus Octavian Gracchus (the late Dominus) Nicander had been ordered to replace all the slaves at the Domus, and at the villa at Tibur.
So now Nicander had to prepare the huge Domus for his new Dominus using new, and relatively untrained staff.
Having watched at first hand how Marcus had taken his revenge on Menelaus, and the other conspirators, (see Chapter XXXIV) and having been subjected to a very 'tough' interview with his new 'boss', young Nicander was ,quite rightly, somewhat afraid of his apparently implacable master, despite assurance from Terentius that, if he did his work well, and was totally honest in his dealing with Marcus all would be well, and he would grow to like his new Dominus.

Meanwhile, in Capua, the weary travellers were partaking of a very light breakfast, while they waited for the horses, carriages and the numerous slave that they had brought with them to be prepared for the next, and final part of their journey.
It was from Capua that they were to link up to the Via Appia, which would take them to the very gates of Rome.
The day was fine and bright, and Marcus was hoping that the remainder of the journey would be easy.
It was still quite early when Marcus, Petronius, Novius and Terentius resumed their places in their luxurious carriage.
For most of this part of the journey Novius told tales to Petronius of his youthful adventures in Rome, while at the same time Terentius, now far more relaxed, but ever mindful of business, discussed with Marcus the various purchases that he felt should be made during their stay in Rome.
None of the three 'boys' had slept particularly well, disturbed by strange food and strange beds, and they spent most of their time, along with Glaux, dozing in their carriage.
Via Appia
Eventually the sight of tombs along the roadside indicated that they were very close to the city.
Titus, knowing that Marcus would be arriving in the city in the early morning, had alerted his Praetorian tribunes, and when Marcus carriage passed through the Porta Appia, the Prætorians rode up and stopped his carriage.
Roman Street
The coachman, along with the outriders were, not surprisingly, terrified, but the tribune, after greeting Marcus, made it clear that the were there to escort the convoy to the 'Domus Gracchi'.
This was a considerable act of courtesy, on the part of Titus, as navigating the crowded, bustling streets of Rome would have been a long and fraught experience, whereas the Prætorians were able to clear the way, and ensures that the last part of the journey would be completed in comparative ease.
At that point, Aurarius and Adonios were hanging out of the window of their carriage, in a most undignified manner, drinking in the sounds, smells and sights of the great megalopolis, while passers by, seeing the mounted Praetorians surrounding the carriage could only assume that the lads were closely related to the new Emperor, Vespasian.
Realizing that, Aurarius and Adonios started to give passers by dignified waves, while Glaux, sitting (or rather wobbling) on Aurarius' shoulder looked on haughtily - after all, he was a close friend of Titus Vespasianus.
Demetrius, of course, had seen it all before, and sat back, pretending to be indifferent to all the attention that the carriages were receiving.
For Marcus, as for Aurarius and Adonios, this was a new experience.
When he had left Rome, with his parents, to go and live in Athens, he had been so young that now he had practically no memories of the remarkable, and unique city.
And now he was about to take possession of a new home (just one of many) - a home that he had been repeatedly told was a 'legend' in the great city, for it's size and magnificence.
Gradually the convoy mounted the Esquiline Hill, where the Domus Gracchi was situated.
At Maecenas' Reception
Stefan Bakalowicz
The political advisor, art patron and the close friend and adviser of Octavian (later Augustus), Maecenas (70 BC-8 BC), sited his famous gardens, the first gardens in the Hellenistic-Persian garden style in Rome, on the Esquiline Hill, near the gardens of Lamia. It contained terraces, libraries and other aspects of Roman culture. It was partially on the site of the Gardens of Maecenas that the Domus Gracchi was built with permission given to Gracchus by the Emperor Nero. Maecenas is most famous for his support of young poets, hence his name has become the eponym for a 'patron of arts'. He supported Virgil who wrote the 'Georgics' in his honour. Rising above the valley in which Vespasian and Titus later built the Colosseum, the Esquiline was probably the most fashionable residential district in Rome.
The Hills of Rome
As soon as the convoy was sighted by Nicander's 'lookouts', they rushed to their master to inform him that the new Dominus was about to arrive.
And so, while Nicander was helplessly panicking as his new master arrived, Marcus received his first, breathtaking view of the 'Domus Gracchii', standing proudly on the Esquiline Hill, facing the Capitol, its dazzling white Pentelic Marble walls gleaming in the sun.
Terentius and Petronius had seen the Domus before. Novius, however, had left Rome before it had been built, and he, like Marcus, was stunned by its size and its beauty.
"Well I never knew that Gnaeus had a house like this !", Novius said, his words for once strangely lacking in eloquence.

In the carriage holding the boys, the response was somewhat more 'down to earth'.
Domus Gracchii
"Shit ! Look at the size of it !", Adonios exclaimed.
All Aurarius could do was just look, eyes glazed, and mouth wide open, while Glaux blinked.
"I never though that the 'old guy' was that rich !", Aurarius finally managed to say, referring to the 'late Dominus'.
"Shhh ! Don't speak of Gnaeus Gracchus like that !", Adonios corrected.
Adonios, after all, since he was very young, had known the late Dominus, and he had the deepest respect for him - as he had for his successor, Marcus.

Demetrius, of course, had seen it all before.
Eventually Nicander managed to compose himself, and he ordered the great bronze doors opened. (these were usually only ever opened for Emperors, Consuls, Praetorian Prefects and, of course, the Dominus - who was now Marcus.)
As the doors opened, slaves rushed down the huge flight of steps in order to help the guests from the carriages.
To begin with there was a slight problem, as none of the slaves had ever seen Marcus before, and Nicander was far away, at the top of the steps, so they didn't immediately realize just who was the Dominus.
Terentius, however immediately stepped in to save any embarrassment.
"May I present your new Dominus, Marcus Octavianus Gracchus.", Terentius said very formally, indicating Marcus with an eloquent gesture, and reminding Marcus of the way he had spoken when Marcus had first arrived at the villa at Baiae - seemingly so very long ago.
The slaves were obviously surprised at the youth of their new 'lord and master'.
Regardless, they all bowed profusely, and then slowly helped the passengers from the first carriage.
The next surprise for the Domus slaves was that the second carriage contained two young slave-boys.
They did not immediately recognize them as slave-boys, as the were so sumptuously dressed, but it was obvious that they must be slaves, as they were wearing the silver slave-collars worn by all the slaves of the House of Gracchus.
They had no idea who the other boy (Demetrius) was, as all the slaves that had worked at the Domus when Demetrius had lived there had been dismissed, pensioned off  or sold.
However, it was obvious that he was 'freeborn' (surprising how wrong people can be), as he was wearing a beautiful gold bulla (originally, of course, Marcus' bulla).
Demetrius obviously savoured the moment when the Domus slaves addressed him as 'iuvenes dominum' (young master).
Before, he had been Menelaus' 'boy', and was looked down upon by almost all the slaves in the Domus.
(In order to discover why Nicander was terrified of Marcus go to Chapter XXX - 'Receptio' and Chapter XXX - 'In Villa')
Marcus then mounted the huge flight of steps, leading the way.
To his right was Terentius, accompanied by Aurarius, and to his left was Novius, accompanied Adonios, who was holding a very aggressive looking little owl.
This was the moment that Nicander had been dreading - coming face to face with his new master, Marcus, once again.
The last time that he has spoken to Marcus, at the funeral of Gnaeus Octavian Gracchus, Nicander felt that every word he had spoken had been misplaced and wrong.
That, however, was not entirely true.
Nicander was, according to Terentius, a financial genius, and an excellent organizer, but he was young, and lacked confidence in his own abilities.
Marcus realized that - knowing himself what it was like to lack confidence.
It was Gnaeus who had given Marcus the confidence to be Dominus, and Marcus, after firmly establishing his authority with Nicander, was then planning to build the lad's confidence as, in actuality, he very much liked the boy.
Nicander bowed low as Marcus reached the top step.
"Salutem Dominus !", Nicander said respectfully.
"Hello, Nicander ! No need to be so formal.", Marcus said, smiling.
Nicander looked confused.
On either side of Nicander stood a Domus Guard.
Marcus scrutinized them carefully,
"First thing we much do is to change the clothing - such as it is - of these guards.
They seem to me to be rather under-dressed."
Terentius smiled.
"They look more like they should be in the arena, rather than guarding a private residence.", Marcus continued, as Adonios tried to stifle a giggle, and Glaux blinked.
"Now we can always arrange for them to fight in the arena - after all, Nicander, you have seen my arena...."
The two guards looked positively alarmed at the way the conversation was moving.
"But I think a slightly more modest apparel would be appropriate - so see my designer Apelles - he's in one of the carriages down there, and he will make some designs."
"Of course Dominus.", Nicander replied, not sure just how serious Marcus was being.
"So .....shall we go into the Domus ?", Marcus then asked, wondering why they were still standing at the top of the steps.
"Of course, Dominus.
What was I thinking of  ?", Nicander replied, obviously embarrassed.
They then passed the huge, heavily gilded bronze doors, and found themselves in the Introitus Praetorium (main entrance hall), which was vast.
"If you will follow me, gentlemen... ", Nicander politely suggested, having finally recovered his composure, "I will take you to the Atrium Magnam, where some suitable refreshments have been prepared for you."
So they slowly made their way across the huge expanse of inlaid marble floor, through a magnificent archway, and found themselves in an Atrium, that was almost as large as the Entrance Hall.
There, beside a shallow, tranquil indoor pool, open to the sky, they found some luxuriously appointed chairs (unusual in a Roman house), couches, and small occasional tables.
All the furniture was of gilded bronze, with dark red cushions, and the tops of the tables were of beautifully veined, creamy marble.
Immediately slaves approached with gold trays filled with flagons, goblets, and plates filled with delicacies.
"So let me introduce, or re-introduce you to my associates.", Marcus said to Nicander, as he gently lowered himself into one of the regal chairs, while Terentius and Novius also pulled up chairs, and the boys settled on one of the couches.
Glaux, seeing the opportunity for a tasty snack, had meanwhile fluttered from Adonios' arm, landed delicately on one of the marble topped tables, and was carefully inspecting the beautifully prepared food, hoping for some dormice.

Now, thanks to the foresight of Marcus and Terentius, the only person in the Domus who knew anything of Demetrius' past was Nicander, and he was so terrified of Marcus, (for good reason), that he would obviously say nothing to anyone - about anything.

Roman Edible Dormouse
The edible dormouse was farmed and eaten by the ancient Romans and the Etruscans, (usually as a snack), hence the word edible in its name. The Romans would catch dormice from the wild in autumn when they were fattest. The dormice were kept and raised either in large pits or (in less spacious urban surroundings) in terra cotta containers, the gliraria, something like contemporary hamster cages. They fed these captive dormice walnuts, chestnuts, and acorns for fattening. The dormice were served by either roasting them, and dipping them in honey, or stuffing them with a mixture of pork, pine nuts, and other flavorings

"This gentleman,", indicating Terentius, "as you well know, is my Excelsum Procuratoris, Terentius, and he is also your immediate superior.
This gentleman,", and Marcus indicated Novius, "whom I think that you have met before, is my esteemed Consiliarius, Novius, who will be present during most of our discussions.
This young gentlemen", indicating Petronius, "is my  Tribunus et Dominus Amphitheatro.
From now on all the Domus Guards, and all those in the Domus who are concerned with security will be answerable to, and be under the authority of Tribunus Petronius."
Marcus then turned to the boys sitting on the couch.
"The boys wearing slave collars are the senior slaves - despite their youth, from the villa, and here they will also be my senior slaves, having precedence and authority over all other slaves here at the Domus.
The one on the right is my own personal slave, Aurarius, and next to him is the personal slave of Tribunus Petronius, who is called Adonios.
The owl is Glaux - and let me make it clear, no one, under any circumstances is to touch or interfere with Glaux.
Anyone doing so will immediately be sent to the villa at Baiae, to be dealt with in the arena there.
I hope that I make myself clear !", Marcus concluded, menacingly.
"Of course, Dominus - all the slaves and other workers at the Domus shall be warned."
Marcus then indicated Demetrius, "And finally you may know the young man who is also sitting on the couch.
As you should know, Demetrius is a Roman Citizen, and should always be referred to by yourself, and all others in this Domus as 'iuvenes dominum' (Young Master).
Failure to do so will have the same consequences as those that I have already indicated regarding the treatment of Glaux.", Marcus concluded, having undoubtedly displayed his absolute authority from the moment that he had entered the Domus.
"Of course Dominus.
Thank your for the introductions, and also for making the positions and authority of those with you very clear and precise." Nicander replied, trying to be as conciliatory as possible.
"So.. if you wouldn't mind stepping away with me, I have some requests about accommodation that I would like to discuss with you. ", Marcus said, rising, and taking Nicander by the arm.
The others were not sure what this was about, but were content to enjoy their refreshments while Marcus and Nicander talked privately.
"As you know, this is the first time I have stayed at the Domus - so tell me, are the apartments for the 'late Dominus' still available?", Marcus asked, unsure of the situation.
"Of course, Dominus. I have had them completely refurbished since I was informed by Terentius that you were to visit.", Nicander replied.
"Good - and is there accommodation included in the apartments for my personal slave, Aurarius ?", Marcus continued.
"Yes Dominus, there are a number of rooms furnished for members of your suite.
The apartments for the Dominus here are obviously very lavish, with terraces overlooking private gardens, and the valley, with baths, and a study and library, plus a triclinium and atria, and - well, everything that you could possibly require.", Nicander enthused.
"That's good - and are there any other apartments with similar facilities ?", Marcus asked, thinking about accommodation for Petronius, Novius and Terentius.
"Yes, Dominus, there are two other large guest apartments that are very lavishly appointed on the same floor.", Nicander confirmed.
"And tell me, Nicander, does Terentius, who stays here quite often, have his own accommodation ?" Marcus asked.
"Yes Dominus, he has his own apartment, and also a suite of offices for his work.", Nicander replied, surprised at the detailed questioning from Marcus.
"That's good.", Marcus said, looking very satisfied with Nicander's crisp answers.
"Now listen carefully. - This is what I want.
I want Aurarius installed in my apartments - and ensure that all access is well guarded - Petronius will check.
Also I want a large apartment for Petronius, and his personal slave-boy Adonios - and I will leave the security for his accommodation to Petronius.
I also want a guest apartment for Novius, and I want you to select a young, Latin speaking, educated slave-boy for his personal slave, to be accommodated with him.
And presumably Terentius will use his own apartments and office."
Marcus then looked quizzically at Nicander, waiting for confirmation.
"Yes Dominus. All that shall be done immediately.", Nicander confirmed.
"And what about a slave-boy for Terentius.....does he have one here ?", Marcus asked.
"Yes Dominus. he has a boy called Phillipos."
"That's good.", Marcus smiled.
"And now what about showing us all to these apartments, and then allowing us to get out of these travelling clothes, and bathe before our meal ?", Marcus queried, guiding his freedman back to his chatting companions.
"Yes Dominus, I will take you to the next floor as soon as you are ready."
Marcus, Aurarius, Petronius and Adonios were allocated a slave-boy by Nicander, and were taken along a wide marble veneered corridor on the 'piano nobile', passing a series of guarded, gilded bronze doors, while Novius was escorted by another slave to the guest suite that had been selected for him.
Terentius, however, was immediately met by Philippos in the atrium, who took him to his office.
Terentius obviously wanted to get to work straight away.
Nicander then diffidently approached Demetrius, who was still sitting on the couch, wondering where he was to go.
"Iuvenes Dominum - on the instructions of the new Dominu,s your old room is no longer available, as the Dominus thought that it was not now appropriate to your new status.", Nicander said.
"A suite of rooms has therefore been furnished and decorated for your use, and if you will follow me I will take you to your new apartments.
Also - and I don't know if the Dominus had told you,-  he will be buying you a slave-boy of your choice, here in Rome, - but in the meantime I will provide you with  a young lad to look after you."
On hearing the good news, Demetrius brightened up considerably, and followed Nicander to the new apartments.
Meanwhile, on one of the corridors on the 'piano nobile', the largest set of doors, at a gesture from the slave-boy who was guiding them, were opened soundlessly by two muscular, tall Domus guards.
"These are your personal apartments, Dominus." the boy announced rather pompously.
Marcus entered, followed by Aurarius.
Meanwhile, the slave-boy took Petronius and Adonios to the next set of doors, which led to a further set of apartments, which apparently were now reserved for Petronius and Adonios.

'A New Home' - "Just let me wash all this dust off !", Marcus exclaimed, as he entered the apartment, and flung himself down on the nearest couch in the atrium.
Roman roads were dusty, and even luxurious carriages, such as the ones used by Marcus, were not equipped with glass windows, but rather had fabric or leather blinds - and often, because of the heat, these could not be lowered. The result of this was that travelling, even for the privileged and wealthy, was an uncomfortable and dirty experience, and was not helped by the lack of 'sprung' suspension. A bath was therefore essential after even a short journey.
"Let me get you a drink, and then I'll try to find the bathroom.", Aurarius said, smiling at his exhausted young master.
 Aurarius wandered off, clueless as to where any of the rooms were located in the magnificent suite.
"I've found the culina !", (kitchen), Aurarius called out, his voice echoing off the marble veneered walls.
The culina that Aurarius referred to was not a proper kitchen, as no food would be cooked there. The real kitchens were on the ground floor, and if Marcus wished to eat in his suite, slaves would bring the food to his private triclinium. The kitchen that Aurarius had found was in reality a food and drinks preparation room, with washing facilities for plates, cups utensils, and other items, plus storage for snacks, and drinks. If very cold drinks were required then slaves would bring snow from storage pits to mix with the drinks, or pack round amphora. This was very costly, and was only available to the very wealthy - like Marcus.
"Good !", Marcus replied, eagerly waiting for a cool refreshing drink.
Aurarius returned to the atrium, bearing a tray with a gold goblet.
"Is everything in this domus made of gold ?", Marcus asked, grinning incredulously.
"It seems so.", Aurarius replied. - "Either gold or marble. ", he concluded, smiling. 
"So now I will go and try to find the bath.", Aurarius added, running off, obviously excited by his new surroundings.
"I've found your coluisse locus (dressing room), - and your cubiculum lectuli (bedroom) - and yes...the balneae !" (bathroom), Aurarius called out from seemingly far away.
"Right !", said Marcus,
"So let's have a bath, αγόρι !" - (Boy), Marcus called out.
Roman Boys in a Public Bath
While most Romans used Public Baths, the very wealthy had bathing suites in their domus or villa. Marcus' bathroom suite in the Domus Gracchi was far more lavish than most, and consisted of an vestibulum balnearum, (vestibule) off which was situated a latrina (lavatory). There was no apodyterium (undressing room), as dressing and undressing was performed in the suite of the cubiculum lectuli (bedroom). The bath suite also contained a  Caldarium (hot bath), Tepidarium (warm bath) and a piscina (small, cold swimming pool). Pools of differing temperatures were provided as they were kept permanently filled with water at the correct temperature, (except for daily cleaning by slaves) - as the Romans had no 'mixer taps' or showers ! Because some of the water was kept constantly warm in the balneae, bronze doors, leading to the suite, were 'sprung' so that they remained permanently closed, and were provided with leather seals to prevent moist, humid air entering the apartments.
Of course, Aurarius had noticed that Marcus had called him 'αγόρι', and was desperately hoping that this might mean some more intimate moments.
There were a few hours before the main meal, which would undoubtedly be taken with Petronius, Terentius, Novius - and maybe Nicander, which would be quite sufficient time for a relaxing bath - and who  knows what else.
"And αγόρι... go tell the guards that I am not to be disturbed until I give further instructions, and then strip off, and wait for me in the Tepidarium !", Marcus called.
"Of course , Dominus....right away, Dominus !", Aurarius excitedly called back.
Meanwhile, Marcus wearily got to his feet, cast off his dusty travelling clothes, and waited for Aurarius.
"It's done !...", Aurarius said triumphantly, his ey es lighting up when he saw that Marcus was naked, "No more interruptions !". he said, finding it difficult not to stare.
"That's good !", Marcus replied lazily.
" called me 'αγόρι' (Boy)a moment ago.
Does that mean that I can call you Marcus ?". Aurarius asked hesitantly, but pleadingly.
Marcus grinned and nodded.
"And that means...." Aurarius began.
"Yes, αγόρι... it does mean.....",Marcus answered, not bothering to finish the sentence as he was sure that his boy knew what he meant.
Marcus then put his arm round Aurarius' shoulder, and allowed the boy to lead him to the doors of the balneae.

In Petronius' suite, things were not going quite so well for young Adonios.
Petronius has initially put him to work sorting out the crates of clothes and armour that Petronius had brought with him to the Domus, (remember that Petronius was Tribune, and had numerous swords and items of armour as well as his clothes that needed storing.)
Petronius later approached Adonios who was carefully sorting out items of clothing in one of the many elaborately carved, inlaid and gilded chests that were placed round the walls of the cubiculum lectuli. (the Romans did not have wardrobes).
"Adonios - please come into the atrium, as I need to have a talk with you.", Petronius said quietly.
"Yes Domine !", Adonios replied, wondering what he might have done wrong.
Adonios stood nervously in the Atrium, looking down at the floor.
"Please ! Adonios - my sweet boy ! You've' done nothing wrong.", Petronius said, wondering why Adonios seemed so alarmed.
"I'm sorry about two nights ago - but I just wanted you so badly !", Adonios spluttered, near to tears.
"Yes, I know - and I wanted you, but it's not that."
"Now sit down, and let me explain.", Petronius continued.
Petronius sat opposite Adonios and began:
"Yesterday, while we were travelling, the Dominus, Terentius, Novius and myself had an important discussion - which was mainly about your friend, Aurarius.
It seems that after Aurarius had arrived at the villa, Terentius, unknown to the late Dominus, had made certain inquiries about the boy.
Terentius, you see, had known me when I first came to the villa, and saw a startling similarity between myself and Aurarius.
Then there was also the matter of the 'second prophecy' - which I think you know nothing of - which, when properly translated and interpreted, suggested a new 'golden boy' -  'Aurarius' - who had a brother.
It was at that point that Novius started to take an interest in the matter.
A short time a go, you and Aurarius, it seems, spoke to Novius about the Dominus, and it seems that at that point Novius became concerned that I might get 'physically' involved with Aurarius which, considering he was possibly my younger brother did not seem appropriate, as far a Novius and Terentius were concerned.
Novius, therefore, suggested that our Dominus gave you to me, as he knew that we were attracted to one another, while the Dominus took the opportunity to become 'intimate' with Aurarius.
And you know what happened two night ago as a result of Novius' advice."
Adonios, nodded and smiled.
"So the Dominus has given you to me - to be my personal slave - but also my companion - and, I hope, lover.......
Now tell me, Adonios, truthfully, are you happy with what has happened ?", Petronius asked seriously.
"Yes Domine. - I told you I loved you on the night !", Adonios said insistently.
"Truly ?", Petronius asked, taking Adonios in his arms.
Adonios, on the verge of crying, nodded, and Petronius passionately kissed the beautiful boy fully and passionately on the lips.
Now go and have a bath, and I will join you later, Petronius said, ruffling  Adonios' spiky hair.

Marcus in the Tepidarium
Marcus gently lowered himself into the Tepidarium.
This Tepidarium, for a private bath, was quite large and quite deep.
Marcus waded out into into the centre, and stood, legs apart; hands on hips, and fully erect, waiting for Aurarius to join him.

Adonios in the Bath
And in Petronius' apartment,  Adonios quickly stripped off, managed to find the balneae, and gently immersed himself in the warm water, feeling that he had been foolish not to completely trust his beloved Petronius.
At this point he was so relieved after his talk with Petronius, that he cared little if Petronius joined him in the Tepidarium, and made love to him.
Rather, he would have been more than content if they had simply shared the bath, and each other's company for a couple of hours.

Aurarius, however, was less 'laid back' than his friend , Adonios in the neighbouring apartment, and was eager to have sex with Marcus.
As Aurarius slid down into the tepidarium, his boyish 'manhood' rose eagerly, indicating to Marcus that the young slave-boy was ready for another encounter.
"Have you ever done it in the water ?", Marcus asked, smiling.
"You mean fucked ?", Aurarius asked.
"Well anything.... fucked, wanked sucked - anything.", Marcus persisted.
"Well... no, Marcus. Not really.",Aurarius replied bashfully. looking down at his now fully erect penis.
"So... this should be fun, and something new for you.", Marcus said.
Aurarius then did something surprising (for a Roman boy) - and did it without thinking.
He grabbed hold of Marcus' stiff  'member'
The rules of sexual activity between males in the period of our story were very well and rigidly (no pun intended) defined. The boy (almost always a slave) was required to be the passive partner. He was to be penetrated, and also could be required to fellate his dominant partner, and masturbate his dominant partner - but only when told to do so. He was not allowed, or expected, to take the initiate. He was always expected to be submissive. Of course, in practice this did not always occur, but in consideration of the power a master had over his slave, very few slave's would dare to take the initiative in sexual matters.
By grabbing hold of Marcus' erect penis, Aurarius was being remarkable 'forward', particularly as this was the very beginning of their intimate relationship.
"Sorry, Dominus !", Aurarius spluttered, immediately releasing Marcus erect organ.
"It was just so inviting ..... and beautiful, there, jerking in the water."
"Boy, - I'm Marcus, and I want you to relax.
Aurarius and Marcus in the Tepidarium
I liked that, and if you want to do something, - anything, to give either of us pleasure.... then do it.", and as Marcus spoke he took Aurarius' hand and replaced it on his penis, and with his other hand took hold of Aurarius' equally stiff member.
And for a moment they stood facing each other, holding each other intimately, and looking into each others eyes.
"So presumably you've never seen anyone 'cum' under the water ?", Marcus continued, as if nothing unusual had happened.
Aurarius shook is head.
"Well -  if you jerk me off - then you can see something new !", Marcus suggested, smiling.
So Aurarius started masturbating Marcus - but not very expertly.
"Sorry Marcus, I haven't jerked off anyone else before - only myself.", Aurarius.
"Don't worry - I'm sure that I can give you lots of practice." Marcus said, grinning.
"But now I think I'd better finish it off", and with that Marcus released Aurarius' penis, and concentrated on masturbating himself.
Soon he was roughly pumping his massive erection - and after a short while it was obvious to Aurarius that Marcus was about to ejaculate.
"Keep watching !" Marcus groaned as he slowly allowed himself to sink down, taking a deep breath, as he finally ended up sitting on the tiled floor of the tepidarium.
Suddenly a stream of bubbles came from his mouth as he reached his orgasm, and masses of creamy white spunk spurted from his massive 'tool'.
Moments later he noisily surfaced, splashing and groaning.
Marcus Ejaculates Underwater
"Fuck, that was good !", he spluttered, as Aurarius stared in complete disbelief.
"Shit ! Look at all that spunk !", Aurarius giggled, as he watched the clouds of spunk slowly disperse in the water.
"That's what good about it !", Marcus said, struggling for breath.
"It always looks more under the water. !", Marcus continued, watching his 'seed' disperse in the warm water of the pool.
"But I think that we need to get ready for the welcoming 'cena' - (a 'cena' is a modest evening banquetas we must look our best.
There will be plenty of time for 'playing around' in the pool during our stay, anyway."
Aurarius looked disappointed, but as he well knew, duty came before pleasure, particularly for a slave - and despite the remarkably generous way that Marcus treated him, he knew that he was still a slave..
"So first lets go to the vestibulum, where you can give me a quick massage and a 'scrape', and then, while I sort out some papers, you cad get my clothes ready, and get properly dressed yourself."
Marcus' Heavy Gold Strigil
By a 'scrape' Marcus was referring to the use of a strigil  - a tool for scraping off dirt, perspiration, and oil. In Roman cultures the strigil was primarily of use to men, and particularly male athletes. The standard design is a curved blade with a handle, all of which is made of metal.  Strigils were not only significant in a practical sense, but culturally as well. Wealthy and prestigious individuals usually had slaves to wield the strigil, and clean their bodies, rather than doing it themselves.
Aurarius gave Marcus a brief massage while his master lay on a fine marble waist high bench in the vestibulum.
After the massage, Aurarius scraped off all the scented oil, leaving Marcus' bronzed skin smooth and gleaming,.
Aurarius then cleaned up the marble bench, and put away the oil and 'strigil', while Marcus, still naked, went into the 'coluisse locus' to select his clothes.

Adonios and Petronius had been lounging side by side in their own Tepidarium, saying very little, but simply enjoying each other's company.
Petronius, however, as usual, was getting very aroused, and soon had Adonios facing outwards, from the bath-side, with Petronius ramming his huge penis up the cute lad's backside.
Adonios was equally 'excited', (well almost), rubbing his penis against the wet marble tiles.
"Oh fuck !", Petronius moaned, as he reached his orgasm, and  pumped his hot seed into Adonios - and moments later Adonios squeaked - "Me also !", and the tiles became slippery with Adonios' creamy 'seed'.
But Petronius, despite his orgasm, as still aroused.
He grabbed Adonios' hand and clamped it on his own, enormous penis.
"Wank me !", Petronius said breathlessly - "hard !"
 Adonios did what he was told - and masturbated himself  at the same time - as he was by then really excited.
They managed to have their orgasms at the same time, with their seed squirting and mingling in the warm water, as they embraced and kissed frantically.
Adonios was more than happy.
They then settled back - and  Adonios had time to take thought......
Not only had he learned that now Petronius had been made aware tha Aurarius was possibly his younger brother, but he was also feeling more secure in his relationship with Petronius.
In addition, however, a little later, while Petronius, like Marcus, was also receiving a massage, he had promised to Adonios to make the night after the 'cena' memorable, with wine, and plenty of boisterous fun in the luxurious bedroom.
Later, both Aurarius and Adonios, while their masters were getting dressed, had informed the guards at the doors of the apartments that both the Tribune (Petronius), and the Dominus (Marcus) were available if any visitors, or messages came.
Almost immediately one of the guards knocked at the bronze door of  Marcus' suite.
Aurarius carefully opened the door, but just by a crack - he was, rightly concerned about security in the new environment.
"There's a boy here with a message, and also a letter from his excellency Prætorian Prefect Titus Flavius Vespasianus for the Dominus.", the guard said in a quiet voice.
Aurarius nodded assent, and a young lad put his head round the partially opened door.
"Nicander says the guests are waiting in the small Triclinium, and I'm to take you down there, - and here's a letter for the Dominus.", the boy said breathlessly.
He'd obviously been running up the stairs and through the corridors.
He then handed a scroll to Aurarius.
"Thanks. Just wait there for a minute while the Dominus checks the letter, in case it's something urgent.", Aurarius said, and the somewhat overawed boy stood back, on the opposite side of the corridor, waiting for the Dominus.
Aurarius went back into the apodyterium (dressing room), and gave Marcus the scroll.
"The boy who brought this is waiting for us, and he wants to take us down to the Triclinium, as all the guests are ready, Dominus.", Aurarius explained.
"Good,  - now just check that this tunic looks good from the back, while I quickly  glance through this letter.", Marcus replied.


'The Evening Meal' - Going out for a meal in the evening is a very recent custom.
In the past (even the very recent past), even the most wealthy almost always took their meals at home - or at the home of their family, friends or associates..
In Rome, at the time of our story, there were few restaurants as we would know them - but only Thermopolium (quick, hot-food cafe, also serving drinks).
So the 'cena' was yet another of those meals taken in the villa or domus - such as we have seen in previous chapters.
As Marcus had just arrived in Rome, there had not been time for Marcus to consult with Ternetius regarding appropriate guests to invite -
Terentius, however, was already working hard on such matters - creating proposed guests lists, and lists of useful contacts. He had been unable to do this before arriving in Rome as he needed to be in direct contact with Marcus' many clients, as those individuals who would be available were a constantly shifting resource.
The result of their sudden arrival meant that the group of guests attending the 'cena' were well known to one another and,  apart from Nicander, were all from Baiae, rather than Rome.
The feast was therefore to be attended by Petronius, Terentius, Novius, and the 'guest of honor', Nicander, (Glaux was also there for the very lightly cooked, and un-spiced and un-garnished dormice, which had been specially prepared for him, on the instructions of Marcus - who didn't want Glaux suffering an upset stomach, as he had done n previous occassions.)
The 'cena' took place in  a 'moderately' sized triclinium, off one of the 'moderately' sized atria on the ground floor.
Although the decoration was somewhat more elaborate, the general size of the rooms made the setting seem very similar to the triclinia and atria in the villa at  Baiae.
After quickly looking through Titus' letter, Marcus took it into the cubiculum lectuli, and locked it in a small metal cupboard, set into the wall near the bed, (the ancient Roman equivalent of a safe).
"So, Aurarius, lets go and have yet another one of those interminable meals.", Marcus said, pushing  Aurarius in front of him so that the boy could open the large bronze doors for him.
As the doors opened the guards saluted, and the young slave-boy, patiently standing opposite the doors, gave a slight bow.
"Bonum vespere, Dominus !, (Good evening, Master !)", the slave-boy said deferentially.
"Bonum vespere, iuvenis !, (Good evening, young lad !), Marcus replied
It was very unusual for a master, particularly one as powerful and eminent as Marcus, to return the greeting of a slave, however this is an aspect of Marcus' character that now endeared him to those who served him.
"You are to take us to the triclinium ?" Marcus asked.
"Yes, my Dominus. Your esteemed guests await your presence.", the slave-boy answered - very formally.
And so they proceeded down the corridor.
Almost immediately they came to Petronius' suite.
"Has the Tribune Petronius been informed that the cena is about to begin ?",Marcus asked the boy who was guiding them.
"Yes, my Dominus. One of my colleagues took him down to the triclinium a short time ago.", the boy replied.
Marcus nodded, pleased with the apparent efficiency that  Nicander seemed to have imposed upon the staff of the domus.
After walking through some more long, high corridors, they then crossed a large atrium.
The whole of the Domus seemed to be remarkably quiet, consider ing how many people worked and lived there, but as they came to the atrium they could hear the distinct sound of conversation.
From the atrium they entered the prothyrum, leading to the Triclinium.
There in the prothyrum (entrance hall), were Petronius and Adonios, with Glaux on his shoulder, Demetrius, and also Terentius with Novius.
At the entrance to the prothyrum was Nicander, waiting to greet them.
"Bonum vespere, Dominus !", Nicander said to Marcus.
"Bonum vespere !", Marcus replied.
"And what about Aurarius ?",  Marcus said, slightly disgruntled.
"Please excuse me, Dominus.", Nicander said, obviously embarrassed (and probably annoyed that
Marcus had caught him out - yet again).
"Bonum vespere, vera iuvenis !", Nicander hastily added ('vera iuvenis - esteemed young ma).
Aurarius nodded and smiled, not wanting to get on the wrong side of Nicander.
Nicander was obviously very surprised that, as a freedman and the 'Magister Domus', he was expected to greet a mere slave-boy - but unfortunately for Nicander, he had not yet understood the high regard with which Marcus held his personal slave, and he also didn't know that Aurarius was now believed to be the younger brother of Tribune Petronius.
"I should tell you now that I was impressed by the way you organised the slaves to assemble all the guest in such a timely way.", Marcus commented, trying to be complimentary, seeing that he'd rather ruffled Nicander's feathers - a thought which undoubtedly amused Glaux (Glaux, of course, knew what his humans were thinking).
"Thank you, Dominus, - I am trying my best.", Nicander said rather plaintively.
"So, Dominus, shall we go into the Triclinium, as no one will enter and take a couch until you do so.", Nicander then suggested.
"Excellent idea ", Marcus replied, "as I am very hungry.!"
And so th cena began.
Marcus, while working his way through the 'gustatio', (hors d'oeuvres), started a conversation with Terentius.
"Tell me, Terentius, why did the 'late Dominus' build such a large and magnificent domus here in Rome - after all, as far as I know he very rarely lived here ?". Marcus asked.
"Well, Dominus, this was built at the beginning of the reign of the last Emperor.
Now that's a difficult one.... There had been three emperors after Nero, and Vespasian was the fourth, but most people ignored the three emperors - Galba, Otho and Vitellius, and considered that Nero was succeeded by Vespasianus, so Terentius' comment refers to Nero.
Nerō Claudius Caesar Augustus
The fashion then was for very large town houses and, although it was before you came to us, the 'late Dominus' did live here for much of the time, only using the villa at Baiae in the summer.", Terentius replied.
He then continued, more quietly so as not to be overheard.
"It was only after the birth of Demetrius that he turned against using the Domus, and it was mainly used then by myself when I visited Rome on business - but of course most of the Domus was unused almost all of the time - a terrible waste.", Terentius continued.
"I see.", Marcus replied, thoughtfully.
"Now tomorrow I want rise early and have a quick guided tour of this place", Marcus continued, changing the subject.
"By 'this place', Dominus, I presume that you mean the Domus, and not Rome.", Terentius replied with a grin.
"Yes - the Domus - but later I want to go into Rome". Marcus said.
"That's no problem - I will speak to Nicander, and get him to show you round the Domus." Terentius said, pausing as Glaux fluttered down and daintily landed on the marble topped table which Terentius and Marcus were sharing.
The reason, of course, was obvious - it was the 'gustatio', which included Glaux's favorites - dormice.
"And where do you want to go in the city ?", Terentius questioned, doing his best to ignore the greedy little owl.
"Well - I need to obtain a suitable urna funebres (funerary urn) for the 'late Dominus' - so I would like your recommendation for a top rate sculptor.
Apelles has already made some drawings of the sort of design that I am looking for.
And also I want to buy a slave-boy for Demetrius.", Marcus explained.
"Why not speak to Nicander, and let Demetrius choose a boy from the slaves in the Domus ?
Why waste money buying a slave ?
All the slaves here you already own, so letting the boy choose from here would cost you nothing ?", Terentius replied, as always trying to save money, despite the fact that he knew well that Marcus was probably the richest man in the Empire.
"Well..... for one thing, I want Demetrius to feel that this is a special gift from me.
I feel that I have somewhat neglected him.
Also - and I am sure that you will understand this after all the talk about me and Petronius and the boys, Demetrius has reached an age when he need to assert himself 'as a young man', if you take my meaning - and for that he needs a really attractive slave-boy - not just a Domus slave, but a special boy.", Marcus explained.
Terentius nodded and smiled.
"You mean like Aurarius ?", Terentius said, knowingly.
"Exactly - you obviously get my drift.", Marcus said, as the prima mensa (main course) arrived, and Glaux, not caring for the new food, fluttered off to perch on Aurarius' shoulder.
"Obviously I will need you to help me in this, as you have many contacts among the better quality of  vēnālīciae (slave traders) - and for Demetrius I want the best."
"Will you take Demetrius with you, when you buy this boy ?", Terentius questioned.
"Of course. - I intend to speak to Demetrius after this cena, to explain to him why he needs a slave-boy.
He obviously does not need to have the matter of sex spelled out to him - the poor boy has had enough experience of that with Menelaus, Servius, and the gods know who else, - but now, I think he needs some guidance on the new role he must play, as he is now a Roman citizen and a young man." Marcus explained, quietly.
"He needs to come with us because I must be sure that there is some real attraction between him and the boy he eventually chooses.",  Marcus concluded.
Meanwhile, on the couch opposite, Demetrius was chatting happily with Novius, blissfully unaware of the plans being made for him by Marcus and Terentius, and Petronius was doing his best to try to seem interested in Nicander's explanations of the intricacies of the financial management of the Domus and the Villa at Tibur, while Adonios stood behind his master, barely able to disguise a look of complete boredom as he was forced to listen to Nicander talking to Petronius.
On the opposite side of the Triclinium Marcus turned to  Aurarius, who was patiently waiting on his master..
"Give me that stupid bird, Aurarius, and go over to Demetrius, - discretely, mind you - and tell him that I would like to speak to him after the cena - in my apartments.", Marcus quietly told Aurarius.
Glaux, rather haughtily, stepped off  Aurarius' hand, and took his place on Marcus' shoulder.
The wise little bird knew that Marcus didn't mean anything by using the word 'stupid', and that Marcus was really just terrified of anyone knowing just how much he loved Glaux.
Roman men were not supposed to love pets, their slave-boys, or even their wives.
The gods yes, and also the republic and the army, and maybe their best friend (just a little bit) - but that was as far as it was allowed to go - and Glaux knew this.
The message was duly passed on, and Demetrius, not surprisingly started to look quite nervous for the remainder of the meal.
Mindful that he had an appointment with Demtrius, and that his talk with the boy might be quite lengthy, and that he also wanted to spend some time, before retiring, 'relaxing' with Aurarius, Marcus decide to leave the cena as soon as his guests had finished the Secundae Mensae - in this case the final course.
As he rose to leave with Aurarius, he motioned to the others in the triclinium to remain on their couches, and told the slaves to serve more drinks.
On his way out, he stopped off to speak to Petronius.
"I know that this is an imposition, Petronius, but it would help me a lot if you would allow Aurarius to come to your apartment.
The reason is that I need to have an important talk to Demetrius.
I know that you and Adonios may want to be alone, but it may also be good for the boys to spend a little time together - as they have been apart since we arrived here."
Petronius gave one of his winning smiles.
"Of course, Dominus ! That's no problem." Petronius replied.
"Also,", Marcus continued, "I was wondering if you would come with me when I go into the city tomorrow with Terentius and Demetrius.
The trip is so that Demetrius can choose a slave boy for himself - and it would be nice if you were there - maybe to advise him.", Marcus asked, a little shyly.
"Of course !", Petronius answered. "It will be a good opportunity to get a good look at some attractive boys."
On seeing Marcus and Aurarius leave the triclinium, the other guests quickly finished off their drinks and conversations, leaving Nicander to give instructions for tidying up to the stewards before he also left the room.
It was not the customs, in the house of Gracchus, to continue 'partying' after the Dominus had retired.

Marcus arrived back at his apartments.
He then explained to Aurarius that, as he was to see Demetrius, he wanted Aurarius to go to Petronius' apartment and spend some time with Adonios.
"Is it all right for me to tell Adonios about you and me ?", Aurarius asked diffidently.
"Of course !", Marcus replied, "And anyway I think he already knows, because I think that Petronius told him.".
"Petronius knows !", Aurarius said, seemingly shocked.
"Of course !" Marcus replied.
"Petronius is my closest friend - not my lover - but very closest friend .... You must understand that.", Marcus explained gently.
Aurarius hung his head.
"Yes... I suppose I really knew that.... of course he should know. ", Aurarius said wistfully.
There was a soft knock at the door.
"Answer it,  Aurarius !", Marcus said as he seated himself.
"The Iuvenes Dominum Demetrius is here to see the Dominus.", the guard stated formally.
"Of course - show him in !",  Aurarius replied.
As Demetrius entered, Marcus told Aurarius to tell the boy who had brought Demetrius to the apartment to wait in the corridor
After passing on the message,  Aurarius then slipped out to go and see Adonios.
Demetrius nervously stood in front of Marcus who was seated on a magnificent gilded inlaid curule chair.
The sella curulis is a design of chair noted for its uses in Ancient Rome. Its status in Rome was as a symbol of political or military power. According to Livy the curule chair, like the Roman toga, originated in Etruria. In Rome, the curule chair was traditionally made of, or veneered, with ivory, often gilded, with curved legs forming a wide X.

"You wanted to see me, Dominus ?", Demetrius said (in Koine Greek),  bowing very slightly.
"Yes indeed.", Marcus replied (also in Koine Greek) smiling and trying to put the boy at ease.
Demetrius knew very little Latin, and he and Marcus found it easiest to talk to each other in ἡ κοινὴ διάλεκτος (Koine Greek) - 'the common dialect' - a form of Greek widely spoken in the Eastern Empire. Aurarius, Adonios and Petronius also spoke to one another in Koine, all being originally from Greece. Marcus learned his Koine in Athens, mixing with the Greek street boys, and still had a slight Greek accent when he spoke Latin, despite the best efforts of Lucius, his Latin tutor. Demetrius spoke Koine and very little Latin because his mother - a Greek slave - taught him Koine when he was a baby - and most of the slaves that he mixed with in the Domus were Greek.
"No need to stand, Demetrius - there's a couch there. Sit down and relax.", Marcus said.
Demetrius sat down, but sat rather stiffly, and obviously not relaxed.
"First I need to apologize to you.
Since you came to us (see Chapter XXV) I have rather neglected you - lots of things have been happening, and I have been very busy.", Marcus began.
"Thank you Dominus. I understand." Demetrius answered - almost mumbling.
"Now we are almost on holiday - and there is time to talk, and more importantly time to think about your future."
"Excuse me, Domine.", Demetrius interrupted, showing off his newly acquired Latin word.
'Domine' means 'Sir', whereas 'Dominus' means 'Master' or 'Lord'. As Demetrius was the natural son of a Roman citizen (Gnaeus Octavian Gracchus) he was entitles to call Marcus by his given name Marcus Octavianus Gracchus, (Marcus for short) or, being Marcus' junior, 'Domine'.
Marcus looked surprised.
Even his freedmen called him 'Dominus', but here was this young 'Greek' lad addressing him with the exact, and correct, Latin title.
"Who told you that you could call me 'Domine' ?", Marcus asked.
"Why...Novius, Domine....
He said it was the correct way to address you...
I'm sorry if I have done wrong.", Demetrius answered.
"Not at all.", Marcus replied.
"Now what is this question ?", he continued.
"I have been puzzled, ever since you first spoke to me (see Chapter XXX), that you were able to speak to me in our language - not like a Roman, with a funny accent, but as a true Greek - but you have a Roman name, so.... are you a Greek or a Roman ?", Demetrius asked.
Now it was a very good question, but one which very few people (apart from those who knew the truth) would dare to ask.
Marcus sat back in his ornate chair.
"I think you are a clever boy - and I will, as always, tell you the truth.
I was born here, in Rome.
Not in this grand Domus, but in a small villa.
My parents took me away to Athens when I was just a baby, maybe two or three, and I have no memories of Rome - so this is like my first visit.
So I grew up in Greece, and being a bad boy, I did not obey my father, who wanted me to be a good Roman, but instead spent my time with Greek boys - so I picked up the Greek language of the streets.", Marcus explained.
Demetrius listened, fascinated.
"So how did you become Dominus ?", Demetrius asked, pressing Marcus for more information.
"That's a complicated story, but what I tell you must just be between you and me.
Many people, like Terentius, Novius, and Petronius know the story.
Some, who knew the story, and told others - without permission, are now dead - and you saw some of them die in the arena. (see Chapter XXXIV)
So this is dangerous information - just between you and me - understood ?",Marcus explained.
"Understood, Domine !", Demetrius replied, nodding.
At last Marcus thought that he had broken through Demetrius' strange 'reserve.
No longer did the handsome young boy seem distant, but instead he was at last becoming enthusiastic and friendly, and so he briefly narrated the story of his early life.
"My parents had to come back to Rome, and as I was their only child I went with them.
While we were crossing the sea we were attacked by pirates (see Chapter I).
My mother and father were killed by the pirates, who thought that I was their slave-boy, because I spoke such good Greek, and Latin with a Greek accent.
I was wearing the bulla that you now wear, but the pirates though that I had stolen it.
I was sold as a slave when we reached Brundisium, and it was there that Terentius bought me for the 'late Dominus'.(see Chapter II)
So, I was a slave like you were."
Demetrius eyes widened, and he shook his head in disbelief.
"But, to cut a long story short, with the help of Terentius, the 'late Dominus' discovered that I truly was a Roman citizen, and later he adopted me, and finally left me everything in his will, and when he died, I became Dominus."
Now Marcus had left a lot of important information out of this story, but he felt that the other facts could wait until Demetrius was older.
"Thank you for explaining all that to me.", Demetrius said, still shaking his head, and obviously stunned by what Marcus had told him.
"Now, however, I need to get to the reason of why I asked you to come and see me.",Marcus said  - a little more sternly.
"Yes, of course, Domine.", Demetrius answered obediently.
"Tomorrow I intend to take you to the city with the intention of buying you a slave-boy.
The boy is not just to fetch and carry for you, or bring you meals or clean.
There are plenty of slaves in the Domus, the villa at Baiae or Tibur, or my other properties who can do that.
This boy is to be your concubinus.
Do you understand the term ?", Marcus asked.
"No, Domine.", Demetrius replied, looking perplexed.
"παλλακίς.", Marcus stated, bluntly, in Greek.
"Oh !", Demetrius said, still looking somewhat perplexed.
"Now I know that I don't need to explain anything about sex to you, as I am aware that you have had sexual experiences with Menelaus, Servius, and perhaps others - but those experiences were those of a slave.
As a free Roman those activities are no longer acceptable.
By Roman custom, if you want to become a man, you cannot be passive when you have sex.
Do you understand ?", Marcus continued.
"Not really, Domine." Demetrius replied, looking really embarrassed.
"To put it simply, but crudely - a Roman man fucks, but never allows himself to be fucked.
Also a Roman man allows himself to be fellated, but never fellates, and a Roman man allows himself to be masturbated, but never masturbates another.
Is that clear now ?", Marcus asked, getting a little exasperated at having to be so blunt.
"Yes, Domine. Sorry I was so stupid before."
"So...", Marcus continued, taking a deep breath, "this boy we are going to buy tomorrow is the boy that, a least for the moment, you can have in your bed, and have sex with regularly, but only in the ways that I have explained.", Marcus concluded, obviously relieved that he had made himself clear.
"I understated now, Domine. Thank you.", Demetrius answered.
Patrician boys (like Demetrius) were usually given a younger male slave as a concubinus. Within the hierarchy of household slaves, the concubinus was regarded as holding a special or elevated status. The relationship with a concubinus might be discreet or more open: male concubines sometimes attended dinner parties with the man whose companion they were. Martial even suggests that a prized concubinus might pass from father to son as an especially coveted inheritance. A military officer on campaign might be accompanied by a concubinus. The role of the concubine was regularly compared to that of Ganymede, the Trojan prince abducted by Jove (Greek Zeus) to serve as his cup-bearer.
"Now a slave-boy appropriate to  a youth of your rank will be expensive, and if he does not prove satisfactory may be difficult to sell on at a profit (which would upset Terentius), so you must chose carefully.". Marcus continued, and Demetrius nodded.
Remember that the boy is not just for sex, but should also be a good companion.
We will of course choose a boy who is healthy, fit and well educated, and considering your past I think that he should probably be Greek, but also speak good Latin.
Most important of all - and remember this - you must find him attractive - both in terms of his personality, and equally his sexual attractiveness for you.
Is that clear."
"Yes, Domine.", Demetrius replied.
"Well, unless you want to ask me anything else, I think that is all we need to say until tomorrow - and remember, Demetrius - always come to me if you think that you need me !", Marcus concluded.
Demetrius rose from the couch, and Marcus escorted him to the doors of the introitus praetorium, which he opened for his young guest, while at the same time calling over the slave-boy who had been obediently waiting in the corridor.
"Boy - go the the apartment of the Tribune Petronius, and ask Aurarius to come to me.", Marcus told the young slave.
Moments later there was a quiet knock on the door and Aurarius quietly entered the  introitus praetorium.
"Dominus - I'm back !", Aurarius said softly.
"Come 'Boy' - come with me to my bed !", Marcus called.

'and the story continues -
Marcus buys a slave-boy for Demetrius
and Petronius buys some new slaves for the arena at Baiae.
Later, when Demetrius' new slave-boy arrives, Demetrius takes his fist steps at becoming a true 'iuvenes dominum' by having his 'wicked way' with the 'cute' lad.
('Buying Slaves')

Please note that this chapter contains sexually explicit and violent images and text. If you strongly object to any of these images please contact the blog author at and the offending material can be removed. Equally please do not view this chapter if such material may offend.

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