Chapter LXVI - Faunus Opus Incipit Eius

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Villa Pastoralis
To recapitulate - Marcus decided to leave Rome, and visit the Villa Pastoralis, set in the verdant landscape around Tibur.
On arriving at the Villa Pastoralis, Glaux (the owl) insisted on taking Adonios into the surrounding forest, where a real live faun was waiting for them.
Appropriately called 'Faunus', he appeared as a handsome teenage boy, with dark hair and twinkling eyes - and tiny little horns, - and a penchant for playing the syrinx (Pan pipes).
As Adonios so rightly pointed out - Faunus was 'more than he appeared to be', and the visitor instantly disturbed the apparent tranquillity of the villa by revealing a surprising knowledge regarding the backgrounds of the various members of Marcus' party.
Having ruffled almost everyone's feathers (except, of course, Glaux - he and Funus were old friends), Faunus then proceeded to take a long 'siesta', and later offered a very unwilling Marcus a session of much needed 'stress relief''.
And so we return to the villa, where everybody will almost certainly have a lot to talk about.......


'Marcus and Aurarius - Strange Meeting' - Aurarius quietly crept into the atrium of Marcus' apartments.
Having been absent for most of the day, he was nervous about the reception that Marcus might give him.
"Is that you, Aurarius ?".
It was Marcus' oddly cheery voice coming from the study.
Aurarius was surprised, to say the least, by Marcus' pleasant disposition, especially considering Marcus' initially 'black' mood after the arrival of Faunus, in the morning.
"Yes, Dominus.
I'm sorry that I was gone for so long....
What can I do for you ?", Aurariuss said quietly and nervously.
"So .....Why did you leave me ?", Marcus asked with a note of solicitude in his voice.
"I just got a bit upset with all the talk when Faunus arrived.
I'm sorry, Dominus !", Aurarius explained.
"Well..would you like me to call Agathon ?" (the Greek Physician). Marcus suggested.
"Perhaps he could mix you something to make you feel calmer, and more relaxed.", Marcus continued.
At this point Aurarius thought that Marcus was sounding a bit 'creepy', and began to wonder what was wrong.
"No, Dominus....I'm fine - thank you."Aurarius replied, trying to sound brisk and business-like.
"But let me bring you some wine, and perhaps some olives."
Aurarius went into the culina (kitchen).
"So where were you this afternoon ?". Marcus called out casually.
"Oh - nowhere special.....", Aurarius replied as he prepared the wine and the olives.
"Just in the gardens.... and I met Adonios, and we talked about the new boy...."
And Aurarius, who was still in the culina, abruptly stopped...not wanting to anger Marcus again by bringing up the topic of Faunus.
"Ah yes....the new boy......", Marcus said knowingly, as Aurarius returned with the snack and the wine.
"So what have you been doing, if I may ask, Dominus ?", Aurarius said, deftly trying to change the subject.
"Of course you may ask...", Marcus replied - and to Aurarius' way of thinking, seemingly going into 'creepy' mode again.
Faunus Playing the Syrinx
"I started by doing some research with some rather boring scrolls.
Then I got a bit lazy and sleepy...and then I had the odd sensation that I could hear some music.
After that I think I must have fallen asleep - and I only woke up when you arrived.
But I had a strange dream."
"And was it a nice dream ?", Aurarius asked, intrigued, and clever enough to think that the music might have some connection with the apparently very musical Faunus.
"Yes, as it happens, it was very nice - and very, very real.", Marcus replied.
"Go on ...", Aurarius said encouragingly, anxious to get to discover why Marcus was now in such a good mood.
"Well, it was not really like a normal dream.

Fields Near Athens By Night
It was as if I was actually there - but quite some time ago, when I was younger, and living in Athens - and I was walking through the fields, late in the evening - and I could see the Acropolis - and the stars were coming out - and it was very peaceful and quiet - and I stayed there for a long time, sitting on a small hillock, just thinking." Marcus said in a rather 'dreamy manner'.
"Yes..and then I came in and spoilt it, by waking you up.", Aurarius said.
"No - not at all.
I think I must have been dreaming for a very long time - and thinking, and I was beginning to wake up when you came in, so it was well timed.", Marcus replied.
"I see.", Aurarius said, getting a bit tired of the way that Marcus was being so 'nice' and seemingly relaxed all the time.
"And now that I'm coming to think about it, I'm wondering if you would like to come with me to Athens ?", Marcus said - out of the blue.
"Oh yes - Dominus, and could we take Adonios too ?", Aurarius replied enthusiastically, not really thinking enough before he mentioned Adonios.
"Well, why not !", Marcus said, smiling, as he lifted Aurarius up, strode into the bedroom with the squirming boy, and plonked him down on the bed.
And it was quite obvious what Marcus intended.


Indoor Pool - Villa Pastoralis
'Adonios and Petronius' - Earlier, Adonios had found Petronius asleep on a couch by the pool.
Adonios did not wake him, but simply sat beside his sleeping master.
After a while Petronius stirred, his eyes flickered open, and he smiled as he recognised Adonios.
"So where have you been, Adonios ?", Petronius asked.
"Oh, just sitting in the sun, in the gardens.
I thought you might be in a bad mood - so I thought it best to leave you alone.", Adonios replied.
"Well, I did get a bit annoyed with all that talking, first thing, but now I've done some exercise, had a good swim and had a sleep I feel a lot better.", Petronius explained.
"So would you mind if I went for a little walk in the forest with Glaux this evening ?", Adonios asked.
"Well as long as you and Glaux don't bring back any more fauns that's fine - one is quite enough." Petronius said, grinning.
"So I can leave you here ?" Adonios questioned.
"Of course. 
One more swim and then I go back to our apartments.", Petronius replied.


Garden Walk
'In the Forest with Faunus' - Leaving Petronius by the pool, Adonios made his way out into the gardens, and then further into the area where the gardens slowly transformed into more natural forest.
Glaux flew ahead for a while, stretching his wings, and then returned to  Adonios' shoulder.
As  Adonios made his way along the woodland path, he heard light steps coming up behind him.
"Is that you, Faunus ?", Adonios asked nervously.
"Of course.
I said I would talk with you in the forest this evening, and here I am.", Faunus replied in his light, melodious voice.
"So did you find Petronius - or should I say Patroklos ?", Faunus asked.
"Yes - he was sleeping by the pool.
Apparently he'd been in the pool and the gymnasion all day, which was a little bit strange, but I found him fast asleep by the pool, which was even stranger.", Adonios explained.
"Yes - you'll probably find a lot of strange things happening from now on...." Faunus said casually.
"So was that your doing ?", Adonios asked incredulously.
"Well, in a manner of speaking.
You see it's very easy to suggest things to you humans....
You have great difficulty in deciding which thoughts are your own, and which come from elsewhere - which can be dangerous - read the 'Iliad' and you'll see." Faunus said in his best pedagogical manner.
"So that's why Petroniuswas so relaxed, and charming when he woke up.", Adonios said, smiling.
"Well that was good", Faunus said, obviously please with his handiwork.
"You see Adonios, the first problem that I have been commanded to deal with is the problem that is obviously afflicting both Marcus and Patroklos - who you call Petronius.
Both of them have - so to speak - 'lost themselves' - but in different ways." Faunus said.
"I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. ", Adonios said, sounding confused.
Patroklos - (Petronius)
"Well I have already told you about Patroklos.
Most of his sense of who he was was knocked out of him by that discus.
What was left was joined by fragmented aspects of the God, but that did not make a real person.
Patroklos may be very charming, and a wonderful lover, but you may have noticed that he lacks the real sense of being a  πρόσωπον - in Latin 'persona', and that's why he frightens you sometimes, especially at night when he talks in his sleep.",  Adonios nodded.
There is the 'charm', and there is the 'violence'.
The Mutilated Corpse of Atticus
Fortunately for you  - you have only experienced the charisma - the charm.
Atticus, if I remember rightly, and the conspirators experienced the violence - Apollo Ultor.", Faunus continued.
The 'Conspirators'

"You see, people talk about 'Marcus Ultor' - 'Marcus the Avenger', and see him as the hand of Apollo, - remember what Marcus said at Gnaeus' funeral - but that's not right.

Petronius as Apollo
Patroklos is the avenger - and the hand - or rather the fist - of Apollo - and it is he, without realizing it, who puts the 'steel' into Marcus.
Terentius has sensed this - for Terentius is no fool, as you have probably realised."
Without Patroklos - your Petronius - Marcus is just a 'milksop of a teenager' - no  offence meant.", Faunus said, turning to Adonios.
"None taken.", Adonios replied.
"I well know that I am not strong.".
Faunus looked at Adonios intently, and at Glaux.
"But much, much stronger than you realise - a you will see !", Faunus said mysteriously - and Glaux warbled and blinked.
"Mmm.....", Adonios mused, not entirely convinced by Faunus last comment.
"So I think I understand most of what your saying, but what about Marcus.... I think you're being a bit harsh on him calling him a 'milksop'.", Adonios said.
"Well perhaps...", Faunus said.
"But let's sit down, and I can explain a bit more about Marcus."
They sat at the foot of a large tree, and relaxed in the warm evening air.
"You see, Marcus had some problems right from the beginning.
He was a freeborn Roman boy - a Roman citizen - and yet he never really knew Rome.
Gaius Agrippa Aelius
As you probably know, when he was a baby he was taken by his parents to Athens.
There his father was a minor Roman official - but that's not really important.
Marcus never had a real sense of who he was.
He should have been a Roman boy, growing up in the ancient Roman traditions - what these crazy Romans call the 'mos maiorum'.
That's what his strict, and rather 'cold' father wanted.
His friends - the boys of his own age - however, were all Greek lads, and had no time for 'straight-laced' Roman ways, and so Marcus grew up supposedly Roman, but wanting to be Greek.
And you can tell.....
If you were a Roman, which you are not, Adonios, you would notice that Marcus has - or more exactly had, a very strong Greek accent.
It's still there, but Lucius (Marcus Greek Tutor) has 'ironed it out' to a great extent.
Now I know that you're' young, Adonios, but I'm sure that you've heard about Nero, and you know what happened to him...."
Adonios smiled and nodded, and Glaux fluffed his feathers.
"Now perhaps you see what can happen in this world when someone is divided in this way.", Faunus said, but Adonios was puzzled by Faunus saying 'this world' - he didn't think there was any other world.
But Faunus continued, relentlessly.
"Mark Anthony had the same problem - and look what happened to him !". Faunus continued, and Adonios nodded in assent.
The Acropolis - Athens
Leo von Klenze
"We need to know where we belong - and who we belong to", Faunus continued. (bad grammar, but then Faunus was just a faun)
"A bird..", and Faunus looked at Glaux, "needs his forest, and you humans need your village, or town or city.
But Marcus was divided.
Greek or Roman, son of his father, or member of his gang of lads - and at times, when he was alone in the fields and forests near Athens - a boy belonging nowhere.
So that's where and when Marcus began to 'loose himself'.
Glaux knows, because Glaux was there". and Glaux chirruped.
Adonios looked startled and puzzled.
"Well Athens is the home of Athena - and Glaux belongs to Athena - so of course Glaux would be there.", Faunus explained, as if it was obvious.
"But then Marcus lost his parents - and he had no brothers and sisters - and had never been to Rome, so he knew nothing of his parent's families - and, of course, he'd been captured by pirates, and so  became a slave."
"So he lost even the little he had....", Adonios said, sadly.
"Well, you will know, being a slave yourself.", Faunus added, and Adonios nodded, while Glaux nibbled Adonios' ear, presumably to comfort him.
"This business of slavery that you humans have is very strange...", Faunus said, almost thinking out loud to himself.
"It makes orphans of so many..
Think of all the people in the villa.
The ordinary slaves, as well as the important people that you know.
All are in reality 'orphans'... no brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, uncles or any family.
Just think...Marcus, your Petronius, Terentius, Philipos, Nicander - the two stewards here, and the other boys.... all torn from their families, and in one sense alone.....
Not really a very good situation."
Adonios  nodded in agreement.
"Now in most Roman 'familia' (extended families), apart from the slaves, if there are any, and maybe freemen, the masters are all related, either by blood or marriage.
Here, the masters, Marcus, Petronius and Novius have no blood relations.
Novius because he is old, and all his family are dead, and Marcus and your Petronius, because they were previously slaves.
For Novius it is natural, and in some ways normal, but for Marcus, and your Petronius, it is far from normal, and is one of the main reasons why I say that they have 'lost themselves'.
No home, no family, and no sense of πρόσωπον - in Latin 'persona' - and it's what makes them dangerous, and unable to fulfil their possible destiny."
There was a sudden cool breeze, and Faunus looked up at the sky.
"The stars tell me it's getting late, and I think that's enough talking for one evening", Faunus said, turning to Adonios.
"Now go back to the villa - to your friends - and Glaux will guide you.", Faunus said, waving Adonios away.
"Well, if you want...", Adonios said regretfully.
"But they're' not really my friends, they're my masters.",  Adonios said, correcting Faunus.
"Well, for the moment... but that's something we need to look at... but well into the future.", Faunus replied, rather enigmatically.
"And you're not coming back to the villa for the convivium ?", Adonios asked.
"No, not tonight.
I need to have a long talk with Glaux." Faunus explained.
"So you want me to leave him with you ?", Adonios asked, somewhat taken aback.
"Yes...and don't worry, Adonios....he's quite used to staying out at night.", Faunus said.
"Yes...of course..", Adonios said, feeling rather foolish.
And Glaux fluttered off, silently guiding Adonios in the darkness - and as soon as they reached the well lit terrace, Glaux made his way back through the trees to his evening meeting with Faunus.


'Evening Meal in the Villa Pastoralis' - Adonios rushed into the villa, ran up the stairs to the grand first floor, and arrived breathless in Petronius' main atrium.
"And where have you been, may I ask ?", Petronius said.
Adonios was afraid that Petronius was going to be angry at his lateness, but instead he was surprisingly affable.
"I'm sorry, Domine, I was walking in the gardens, and then I lost Glaux - and I've been trying to find him.", Adonios (possibly unwisely) lied.
"Don't worry, I'm sure that Glaux can look after himself, and the cena has not yet started.
And Glaux is just probably off hunting, so at least he won't disturb us during the meal." Petronius replied.
"Do you need any special clothes, Domine, or are you ready to go down to the triclinium ?", Adonios asked.
"So - you think I'm not smart enough to select some decent clothes." Petronius said, mockingly.
"Don't worry, I can dress myself, you know.
I've been doing it for years !", Petronius said with one of his inimitable smiles.
"Of course, Domine", Adonios, replied, a little unnerved, and wondering how much of Petronius' good humour was the result of something that Faunus had been up to.
When they arrived at the triclinium, Aniketos, looking suitably adorable, was already waiting at the couch reserved for Petronius.
Marcus, accompanied by Aurarius and Euphrainus, was chatting to Terentius.
Demetrius was tucked away in a corner of the triclinium, deep in conversation with his ever faithful Aelius.
Novius, who was being waited on by a very handsome, and very young slave-boy from the villa, was alone, and immediately approached Petronius.
"Bonum vesperam !", Novius said politely to Petronius, while at the same time nodding respectfully to Adonios.
(even Novius was careful to be polite to Marcus' favourite).
"Have you had a productive day ?", Novius asked, by way of 'small talk'.
"Not really.", Petronius replied, jokingly.
"I've spent all day doing nothing."
Novius looked startled.
"Nothing !", Novius repeated, incredulously.
It should be remembered here that Novius worked compulsively on endless scrolls, where he discoursed in minute detail on Etruscan sacrificial and prophetic practices, or the intricacies of Greek legends.
Every day, for Novius, was a busy day.
Petronius, on the other hand, with no Ludi to prepare, and no gladiators, wrestlers or boxers to train had absolutely nothing to do.
He was, however, planning to start some swimming lessons for 'the boys' (as the favourite slave-boys were known) - but that was still a bit vague.
"So..let's begin the meal !", Marcus said, clapping his hands to gain the attention of the slaves.
As Dominus, even although this was a very informal affair, Marcus was still very much the 'master of ceremonies'.
Nicander was present at the cena, but was not taking part, as he had decided to supervise the slaves, and give Ion and Keos the evening off.
(unlike slaves, freedmen were allowed the occasional day, or evening off.)
So far, everyone had managed to avoid saying anything about the appearance of Faunus at the villa that morning - just in case it might cause more problems.
Unfortunately, Nicander felt obliged to ask Marcus if a place should be set for the 'new boy', as he delicately put it.
On receiving the question, Marcus looked up, startled, as if he had completely forgotten about Faunus.
It was obvious that Marcus didn't have a clue as to whom Nicander was actually referring.
At that point, Aurarius felt obliged to intervene.
"He means Faunus.", Aurarius said, with his heart in his mouth.
Suddenly everyone stopped talking ....and waited.
But nothing dramatic happened.
Marcus simply looked around the triclinium.
"Does anyone know if Faunus will be joining us ?", Marcus asked, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
Fortunately, Adonios was just as brave as Aurarius.
"Yes, Dominus.", Adonios said quietly.
"Faunus told me that he would be spending the evening away from the villa - but he might visit us tomorrow, Dominus" Adonios continued.
It was a clever answer, and effective.
"There you are, Nicander.
No need to set a place tonight, but perhaps a place for breakfast on the terrace tomorrow."
Marcus said nonchalantly.
"Yes Dominus." Nicander replied, moving off to hurry along some dawdling slaves.
Demetrius looked puzzled.
As was often the case, he was late in rising, having been deeply engaged in amorous activites with Aelius, and had not been present at the breakfast arrival of Faunus.
Since then, everyone had been so involved in various other matters, that no one had told him about the appearance of the new, and rather disturbing guest, so when Marcus asked about Faunus Demetrius was at a loss to know who he was talking about.
Not wanting to display his ignorance, Demetrius decided that he would make an appearance at breakfast the next morning, just to meet this new guest.
The villa slaves seemed to be slightly better informed about Faunus that Demetrius.
Not surprisingly, the appearance of Faunus had caused quite a stir among the slaves, and rumours were rife.
Some were saying that the boy was a relative of the Dominus.
Some said he was a new slave-boy - bought in Rome by the Dominus, who had been delivered late by the venalicius.
There was even a rumour that he was an illegitimate son of the late Dominus, who had been brought up in one of the outlying villages in Tibur, and had returned to claim his rightful inheritance from Marcus.
This last rumour was very foolish and dangerous, and when Ion reported it to Nicander, Nicander had warned that any slave heard repeating the rumour would be instantly crucified - and at least that would give Petronius something to organise.
Obviously the last rumour quickly 'died a death'.....and was never heard again.
Meanwhile, back at the cena - very oddly, the subject of Faunus did not arise again during the mealtime conversations.
Lucius Tarquinius Superbus
The Villa Gardens
The diners talked about the weather (which was wonderful), and about the forests, (which were equally wonderful), and about the villa gardens - and you can guess what was said about the gardens, and so everybody seemed very happy.
Petronius waxed eloquently about the gymnasion, and the indoor pool, and what a good swim, and a relaxing sleep he had that afternoon, and Novius bored the company with some observations about the religious practices of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus - the last king of Rome - (in case you didn't know).
Then Marcus started talking about the very vivid dream that he had during his afternoon siesta.
Being the Dominus, he obviously captured his listeners' attention - all except Aurarius, who had head it all before.
Marcus' Dream
"It was,", he explained, "a remarkably vivid dream - almost like real life.
I found myself back in Greece - in Athens, in fact - as a boy.
I was walking through some wheat-fields, and it was late in the afternoon, when the light is just fading, and the stars are becoming visible - but it was still bright enough to see the Acropolis on the horizon.
The air was warm and richly scented, and it was very quiet and peaceful, and I could just make out a shepherd somewhere in the distance playing on his flute.
It reminded me that there were many times then when I was very happy."
At that point Terentius looked across at Novius knowingly.
"I told Aurarius about the dream, and suggested that we might go to Athens quite soon, and re-visit some of the scenes of my boyhood, and I was wondering if any of you might think about joining me. 
But don't say anything now - just keep it in mind."
No one said a word......
Eventually everyone had eaten enough, talked enough and drunk enough.
The country air, and the lack of noise - which was so pervasive in Rome - seemed to have made everyone sleepy.
The usual custom, however, was to wait for Marcus to make the first move.
Once Marcus was seen, with his arm round Aurarius' shoulder, and followed by Euphrainus, leaving the triclinium, the other diners began to depart, and Nicander began to organise the clearing of the tables, and the dousing of the many oil lights, by the serving slaves.
On arriving at Marcus' apartments, Aurarius decided to be bold, while Euphrainus tidied away Marcus' clothes.
"Did you really mean what you said about us going to Athens ?", Aurarius asked, as Marcus took him in his arms.
"Yes, Boy.... I truly did.", Marcus said, kissing the side of Aurarius' neck.
Slowly Marcus pushed Aurarius down onto the bed, as Euphrainus discreetly left the room.
"Marcus.....", Aurarius said, diffidently.
"Yes.", Marcus replied, as he pulled away Aurarius' loincloth.
"I have a special favour to ask you." Aurarius said, as he felt Marcus gripping his stiffening cock.
"I would rather that you didn't call me 'Boy'.", Aurarius said hesitantly.
By then Marcus was caressing Aurarius' smooth, delicate ball-sack.
"And why.", Marcus asked, quizzically, as Aurarius shuddered with barely controllable excitement.
"Because.... because..", and he was on the verge of 'cumming'.
"Because it reminds me of my old master.", Aurarius groaned, as he managed to hold himself back.
"Of course.", Marcus replied, easily, as he gently pushed his huge 'tool' deep into his favourite boy - and Aurarius groaned once more, squirmed and then squirted his thick seed over his smooth chest and belly.
"Oh fuck !", Aurarus blurted, as he gave himself, almost undeservedly to his master.
And while Aurarius was being vigorously 'shafted' by Marcus, the same thing was happening to Adonios, next door.
However, although both boys responded passionately to being fiercely fucked by their ardent 'lovers', both lads noticed that there was, in their innermost response, just a vague sense of unease - which undoubtedly resulted in what Faunus had told them.
However, both Marcus and Petronius were far too involved in their impetuous lust to even notice, and once they were 'spent', they lapsed into profound sleep, leaving the boys....just wondering.

'and the story continues -
commanded by the Goddess Athena,
Faunus, with the help of Glaux,
works his magic at the villa - taking Marcus and 'the boys' for a picnic and a swim in a pool in the forest - while Demetrius is put through his paces by Petronius, and Novius struggles to come to terms with who Faunus is, and what he is planning....
('Servant of Athena')

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